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from mauriziodiiorio
from mauriziodiiorio


Trying out some new Infected Blanket designs for the New Museum store. Glitch Textiles will be featured starting October 24th.

Top and middle left: H1N1 

Bottom and middle right: Rhinovirus Type 89

The complete genomes from both organisms were mapped to a palette containing 64 colors, each representing a specific grouping of 3 base pairs. The results are in the middle two images. Larger designs obtained by mirroring.


the only cat i love mrr

I’m not an early bird by hikimi http://flic.kr/p/pfP4pQ
Mr. Style aka @yamanduroos by Joachim Baan http://flic.kr/p/p1s2XP
KAP Axel by Nick Sherman http://flic.kr/p/phTjzt
questa mattina Lecce era bellissima by a l k o i p a http://flic.kr/p/p1v1ME
cage salon by Paul Soulellis http://flic.kr/p/p1XhMw
cage salon by Paul Soulellis http://flic.kr/p/p1Wtnx
upload by Paul Soulellis http://flic.kr/p/piaB7R
even the bushes were magic tonight by Paul Soulellis http://flic.kr/p/pgpMkq